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The Knotion Way

Unlocking potential through EA

Knotion believes in the limitless potential of every client organisation, and strives to assist African organisations to achieve optimal performance by providing apt, timely and truly value-adding business and IT solutions

Personalised EA Thought Leadership

Knotion harvests the best of international EA thought leadership to provide clients with state of the art solutions. Our consultants are highly skilled in the implementation and use of various international frameworks and standards

Partnership Philosophy

Knotion is committed to building long-term relationships with our clients. We offer a transparent, principled approach, and collaborate closely with our public and private sector clients towards achievement of long-term goals.

Quality Philosophy

At Knotion, consistent high quality is core. Our team of highly qualified professionals and support staff are dedicated, passionate and driven to exceed client expectations at all times.

People-centred Philosophy

People are the most important asset in the world of business. That is why, in everything we do, we are committed to investing in the education, development and empowerment of people.

What’s your Smart Way Forward?

What is Enterprise Architecture?

EA is the process of realising business vision and strategy into the enterprise by developing and improving the key requirements, concerns, principles and models that describe the enterprise’s current and future state and enables its evolution.

In essence, EA involves a systemic approach to business and IT design: it is about understanding, enabling and integrating the building blocks of an organisation to unlock its strategy.

Knotion’s Services

Business Solutions

Taking an Enterprise Architecture based approach to business planning in support of business transformation and optimization initiatives. These include Business Process Optimization and Re-engineering, Organisational Design, Risk Management and Business Integration.

IT Management

The ‘business of IT’ is complex and fast moving by nature. Preemptive planning and alignment to business strategy determines whether today’s IT environment will be able to support tomorrow’s business demand. Knotion’s service offering in this space include: IT Strategy development or review, IT Operating Model design, Portfolio Management, IT Risk Management, IT Governance and Compliance; and Sourcing & Bid management.


Our training offering includes TOGAF and ArchiMate courses to prepare candidates for certification. However Knotion does not see certification as the end goal but rather as a byproduct of good understanding gained during our training events. We select experienced architects as trainers so that they are equipped to facilitate discussions around real-world scenarios.

EA Establishment

Establishing or revitalizing an EA capability can be daunting. Knotion’s collaborative approach to establishing an EA capability ensures that the EA practice delivers value to it’s stakeholders from the beginning. Our philosophy of “earning the right to do architecture” means that the EA practice is always building on successes and gaining stakeholder buy-in.

EA Design

Knotion’s value driven approach to EA Design ensures that effort and expense are directed in the most appropriate direction. Aligned to TOGAF, our EA Design methodology has been developed to support the appropriate level of engineering for the customer need while following industry standards. The resultant blueprints and roadmaps become the reference points for decision making and planning discussions at all levels of the organisation. Knotion’s bucket of reference content supporting EA Design includes: Enterprise Performance Management, SOA & Integration, Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence, Customer Interaction, Enterprise Risk Management, Information Security and more.


Strong enterprise architecture skills are scarce in the African markets. Knotion is able to partner with our clients to source and develop the skilled people needed to deliver what is demanded by the businesses of tomorrow. Our internship programme has successfully equipped budding analysts and architects to kick-start their careers in a competitive market.